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Post, share, and search for graphic textures.

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post, share, and search for graphic textures
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post, share, and search for graphic textures

Welcome to Texturize

texturize is a place where members can post, share, and search for free graphic textures. Textures are a great way to add interest to your fan art, your web site, or your journal layout.

Add texturize on Delicious to get hand-picked resources, tutorials, and features from our discerning maintenance staff.

Posting Basics

Need a rule refresher? Here are the basics:

  1. Tag your entries.
  2. Place your second preview behind an LJ-cut.
  3. Do not use previews larger than 350px wide.
  4. Do not link to a friends-locked community or entry, or entries with "expiration" dates.

Recently Answered Questions

NEW! Can I post tutorials on how to make textures? Yes, please! Post the tutorial to the community and tag it as "tutorials". If you are posting the full tutorial here, please consider placing it behind a cut.

I'm looking for ______ texture. Can I ask where to find it or who made it? Absolutely! Please post to the community with the texture you are looking for and tag it as "search". If you are answering search questions, please remember to credit the maker or point the user to the maker's download location.

Can I get or post other types of icon resources?
Not here, no. But our sister community, simplybrushing, is a great new place to show off your mad .abr skillz!

Get more answers in the Texturize Bible.


This community was founed by hermintage and is maintained by helenahandbag. Check the moderator tag for all recent policy updates.

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